Something you'd say when you meet someone unexpectedly....
*you run into your friend in your vacation far away from your hometown*

Bill: HEY Bob!
Bob: WOW!! Small world, huh?

Also in resident evil 4:

*Leon runs into cabin*
Luis: LEON! Small world, ehh?
by KHAYOS January 22, 2008
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said when a coincidence happens resulting from people knowing each other or meeting each other in unexpected circumstances.
Person 1: "turns out my new teachers Son plays football with my Brother.
Person 2: "it's a small world"
by JonnyCashingIn January 1, 2012
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An attraction at the Disney World and Disney Land Theme Parks. One of the creepiest things any human being can ever experience.
"I just got off Smal World. Jesus that was creepy."
by MCnyce Returns June 12, 2005
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Area in Clinton,Maryland Not overall as hard as where I stay at But hard nevertheless.
Small World gets shout outs at the gogo.
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A set that can be found in the metro area that is represented by the residents of Clinton, Maryland. Most recognized because one of gogo's hottest clubs is located there.
I'm gon rep Small World til I die.
by Corey Dyson May 2, 2005
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THE worst ride in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It ruins many a vacation, including some of mine. The ride is two of the three definitions of gay. Suitable for kids and babies under 8, unsuitable for anyone else.
Kid: I wanna go to It's A Small World!
Teen: Only an asshole would ride It's A Small World.
by NPChero August 16, 2009
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A rule stating that while riding the Its a Small World ride at any Disney park, your party must participate in a deep, serious, and meaningful conversation that lasts the duration of the ride. During the conversation you must be truthful and you cannot refuse to answer anything.
“You can’t lie to me while we’re on this ride because of the “It’s a Small WorldRule.”
by Alexander Slamilton September 19, 2020
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