a bloke's nuts, including the skin and any other bits 'n' bobs that attach them to your dick
Bloody 'ell, talk about freezing, my nut sack's colder 'n' a brass monkey's balls!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
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A loose skin sack that holds nuts or balls.
Gmonk gets so excited when he beats me at golf, his nut sack tingles. He likes the feeling, but it only happens about 1 in every 20 rounds.
by JB April 07, 2003
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When you pass out drunk and your buds attempt to place a bare nut sack on your face and get a phot to embarass your sorry ass while you are out cold.
by Chuckie May 23, 2003
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psycho; crazy; a dellusional person; a presumed serial killer; this fat dyke named elaina.
"Dude, that girl elaina tried to run me over the other day."
"I sais 'hey' to her friend, and she said i was trying to steal him away."
"That chick is sooooooooo NUTSACK!"
"I know!"
"I heard she has a hair collection.."
"What a fucking NUTSACK!!!!!!!!"
by Elizabeth Jewjewski February 24, 2008
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bag that protects the nuts from most outside harm

also known as Erik Wenson
Chaz, put you nutsack back in your pants!

Chaz, your Erik Wenson is showing.
by lildavis September 18, 2007
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A really really annoying person that complains non stop!
Beth Nutsack just got back from vacation and she is so lame!
by Larry Hilton June 23, 2003
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