Because I’m bored
Ah fuck I can’t believe you’ve done this
by Izukumidorya November 12, 2019
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Similar to oh fuck but in this case it's a small-medium error size.
Used when you fuck up something, BUT It has repair.

Oh fuck means inevitable total destruction.
Randy: You forgot yo buy the chips you dumb ass motherfucker.
Bob: Ah fuck ok i am going to the 24hs again.
by GatitoBongero April 10, 2020
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Used as an alternative lyrics when you forgot the lyrics from the original song
The duck walked up to the lemonade stand, said to the man in the stand. "ah fuck"
by EpicSanta April 18, 2017
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A much better version of YOLO
What you think before chugging a litre of vodka "Ah fuck it"
by Manguydudewhat November 1, 2017
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First came to be from a popular web series called Red vs. Blue. A character named Tucker is the founder of (my personal) favorite swear.
An example of: "Ah, fuck berries!" IS "Ah, fuck berries." because it is a complete sentence.
by Travis Gram November 18, 2017
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When someone is saying bullshit "AH FUCK OFF"
Person1: Scores a goal
Person2: Nah bro i was laggi-
Person1: AH FUCK OFF
by ayrifickyadog June 8, 2022
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See fuck off. Depending on mannor used, this can imply one of three things.

a) The speaker is tired.
b) The speaker is not meaning anything by it.
c) You are not the main priority of the speaker.
a)aaaahw, fuckoff...

b) ah, fuck off ya cunt!

c) ah? Fuck off, I'm trying to play cards here.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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