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Desmond's are tricky, but once you figure them out, you love them. Most Desmond's are average height, meduim athletic build. Known for having and array of female companions/friends. Most of their relationships dont last because the woman can never understand them. But once you have his heart, you'll never find another like him.
by Powertripp December 21, 2016
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Probably the best guy ever. At first he's shy but once he comes out of his shell he's a total fun loving nutcase. He's witty, smart, handsome, romantic and caring. He can play mad guitar too. If you ever meet a Desmond you'll probably fall head over heels and then see HIS MASSIVE COCK.
"Oh hey girl I heard you're dating Desmond?"
"Yeah omg and I saw his dick last night and it's the size of a black mans! HE RIPPED ME IN HALF!"
"Man! I have to get me a Desmond!"
by Milker300 September 27, 2013
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The sexist man alive, often worshiped at home as a God of love, happiness, intelligence, and wit. Also can be used to describe someone who is crowded by women and has everything in life figured out.
"that guy is such a Desmond"
by Hytrath93 March 27, 2011
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A person who is sexy, funny, super cute, wild in bed, a great boyfriend, and a badass.
Wow, Desmond you were awesome last night. Did you see Desmond kiss her yesterday.
by Mike Rand October 02, 2016
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A lower second class, or 2:2 degree.
Inspired by South African Desmond Tutu.

Claims about the term 'tutu' are inherently redundant (2:2 <-- duh).

Many claim to have invented the term, the truth is multiple people invented it at different times, in different places and continue to do so believing they are the first.

In the UK, the 'Desmond' is part of a logical sequence using well-known figures:

First - Geoff (Geoff Hurst, footballer)
2:1 - Billy (Billy Gunn, wrestler)
2:2 - Desmond (Desmond Tutu, bishop)
Third - Thora (Thora Hird, actress)

You get nothing for a fail.
"Mike's probably getting a Desmond, Bill a Thora, and Phil needs a Billy or above to get into Kings."
by UrbanDef June 01, 2006
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Alternative to 'mojo', used to depict an unusually powerful sex drive, which can be sustained for long periods of time.
Man, my desmond was kicking up to high gear last night with my girlfriend.
by alphonsus November 08, 2006
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totally badass; trippy and/or mindboggling; unexpected; awesome; delicious; completely original
"Dude, that episode of Lost was totally desmond!"

"Mmm...this ratatouille is sinfully desmond."

"Desmond concert last night, eh?"
by Salix R. April 04, 2006
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