Desmond's are tricky, but once you figure them out, you love them. Most Desmond's are average height, meduim athletic build. Known for having and array of female companions/friends. Most of their relationships dont last because the woman can never understand them. But once you have his heart, you'll never find another like him.
by Powertripp December 21, 2016
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A shy guy at first but as you know him more he will be the best person you have ever met! A great lover with the warmest hug. Respects and loves the women in his life the most. A very suitable partner for a hyper/crazy girl as he understands and adjusts accordingly.
Only Desmond can handle Melissa !
by Dezs8818 April 4, 2017
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He will give you his heart and trust you with it. A creative person whose talent is seen in music. He is wonderful and doesn't mind dreaming and creating with you about what may come. Sensitive and strong he can make you fall in love with him within a nanosecond. Everyone is his core buddy. Women secretly love him when he speaks because he oozes charm and captivates you with his intense eyes and enthusiastic conversation. The best one to secretly watch in a crowded room. He is a worldly wanderer but always makes sure to make his presence known to the one who pines for him at home every night. Mornings are spent by his side for the longest time by making him stay for as long as possible before you have to absolutely get up out of bed. He loves coconut flavored drinks that remind him of someone special every time he drinks it. A great protector and caring person he'll attempt to take away all that hurts you all the time they happen. Loves animals and even would travel dangerous jungles with you. Photography and book reading go hand in hand with him. In touch with the news, he reads an actual newspaper old school style. His favorite shape can be made with interlacing two hands. He loves natural surroundings and the feel of small towns. He is the handsomest manly but still boyish person you'll ever meet. Shares showers with you but is sexiest in bed. Has one first tattoo. Practically a specimen for the picture of health and loveliness. He can pull off any style and own it.
Oh my God, that feels like a Desmond and looks like a Desmond sounds like a Desmond and acts desmondlyish as he walks down the street.
by Bouleigh May 7, 2017
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Probably the best guy ever. At first he's shy but once he comes out of his shell he's a total fun loving nutcase. He's witty, smart, handsome, romantic and caring. He can play mad guitar too. If you ever meet a Desmond you'll probably fall head over heels and then see HIS MASSIVE COCK.
"Oh hey girl I heard you're dating Desmond?"
"Yeah omg and I saw his dick last night and it's the size of a black mans! HE RIPPED ME IN HALF!"
"Man! I have to get me a Desmond!"
by Milker300 September 28, 2013
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Desmond is a cute, shy, bubbly, kind, free spirted youthful but also kinda clumsy and airheaded boy who loves to make people happy even though he isn't always happy himself. But he can also be a bit mean and a follower he just wants to be accepted and loved.
He is such a Desmond!
by Dshmoney69 November 6, 2018
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The sexist man alive, often worshiped at home as a God of love, happiness, intelligence, and wit. Also can be used to describe someone who is crowded by women and has everything in life figured out.
"that guy is such a Desmond"
by Hytrath93 March 28, 2011
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Desmond is a kind, shy, bubbly, free spirted, youthful but airheaded and clumsy boy.He can also be kinda mean, snobby and follower but despite that he is a very sweet soul who loves to make people happy even if he isn't always happy himself. He is everyones bestfriend and even a better boyfriend don't take a Desmond for granted.
That new boy is a total Desmond!
by Tydie November 6, 2018
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