the out part guarding the nuts from any sudden danger.Prime weapon for the dreaded teabag assault
keep talken..when u wake up wit my nutsack in ya mouth..itll be a lil harder to talk then..wont it?
by Lord Vigo December 25, 2003
At night time, a car full of people park infront of a house. The driver proceeds to lay on the horn until a light is observed to be turn on in said house. The driver then counts to 3 then everyone in the car yells 'NUTSACK' as loud as they can. Then driver drives the group off to repeat this action again. Can be done to same house multiple times or even random people walking down the street.
"Hey man, we are getting some guys together to go NUTSACKING later. Its going to be hilarious. You interested?"

by project_satan661 April 16, 2009
Slang for 1/4 ounce of drugs (coke, meth..etc.) Derived from the term 8 ball. Two eight Balls = One Nutsack.
Hey man, I am going to swoop in and wanted to grab a you have one on hand?
by CrankinOR May 18, 2014
by WhoDatFreshBoi April 6, 2017
Something that is even more nuts than nuts, its Nutsack.

When something is so crazy it can no longer be considered nuts, it has to be nutsack. Add the word fucking for more emphasis.
You: Did you see that plane just blow-up
Friend: Yeah dude shit was nuts.
You: No man if was Fucking NUTSACK.
by IIDeltronZeroII August 14, 2010
to stretch your nutsack over someones mouth and nose
i will be "nutsacking" her tonite...
by dirty d April 23, 2003
When someone takes your backpack/purse empties it out, flips it inside out, places everything back in, and zips it up. This usually occurs when the victim leaves their bag unattended in class. If a talented perpetrator finds a bag with an inner pocket, he/she can double nutsack the bag.
Bob: "Hey Jeff just left to use the bathroom!"
Joe: "Help me nutsack his backpack!"
Natalie: "Can you watch my purse? I need to go get something from John's locker."
Katie: "Ok... (Natalie leaves the classroom) Haha sucks for her, hasn't she leanred not to leave things with me? Poor girl is going to get double nutsacked."
Desmond: WTF man, who the hell nutsacked my backpack!?
by You've been nutsacked October 2, 2010