The sack that holds your NUTZ biotch.
(The scene: A Day At The Beach)
Yo homie, tell your girlfriend to come hold my nut sack up off this hot sand.
by MJ ALL DAY May 02, 2003
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to tackle someone's testicles, resulting with the person lying on the floor writhing in pain and cursing the nutsacker's existence to the depths of hell.
Man, that guy was so mad, I though he was going to nutsack me in a dark corner of the room.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
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the out part guarding the nuts from any sudden danger.Prime weapon for the dreaded teabag assault
keep talken..when u wake up wit my nutsack in ya mouth..itll be a lil harder to talk then..wont it?
by Lord Vigo December 25, 2003
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Something that is even more nuts than nuts, its Nutsack.

When something is so crazy it can no longer be considered nuts, it has to be nutsack. Add the word fucking for more emphasis.
You: Did you see that plane just blow-up
Friend: Yeah dude shit was nuts.
You: No man if was Fucking NUTSACK.
by IIDeltronZeroII August 13, 2010
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deez sweaty, drippy, smelly balls of jiz between your legs.
Your woman licked my nut sack till I spooged on her face
by deez nuts December 15, 2003
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To show another person one's scrotum for fun and profit. Usually followed by a loud exclamation of "NUTSACK!" to alert the public.
"Hey, Bob, Look!"
"That's disgusting!"
by The Jack of Hearts September 20, 2005
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