Term for the male testicles. Also known as balls, hangers, sack, nuts, etc. Having nuts and feeling them swing throughout the day is a daily reminder for men that we have power by having a nutsack between our legs
Dude. All that porn I have been edging to for hours is making me want to DRAIN my NUTSACK. I need to BUST A NUT.
by HornyPornoAddict October 1, 2023
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A man who creeps upon girls with the intention that his actions are normal. These guys generally think they possess a huge amount of knowledge pertaining to the philosophy of love and life.

Way to physically identify a nutsack:
-Owns a personal grooming kit. This includes, but is not limited to: tweezers, nail clippers, nail file and chapstick.
-Wears ugly leather dress shoes with jeans, graphic tees, and velour blazers on a daily basis.
-Has a slimey smile.
"Hey did you hear that a guy in my fraternity followed a girl around campus yesterday"
"Yeah, he's such a nutsack."
by vyinrogal January 26, 2010
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A sack full of nuts, like a cashew or an almond. Not to be confused with a seed sack or a legume sack.
Bob: Can I eat that nutsack?
Joe: No, don't be an animal. Eat the nuts, not the sack itself.
by YouOnKazoo22 June 29, 2018
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a playful, yet affectionate name that you and a friend call each other. Also, to be shouted out loud.
Dear Friend, How are you? Love, Your Nutsack

by Melanie R. August 20, 2006
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Slang for 1/4 ounce of drugs (coke, meth..etc.) Derived from the term 8 ball. Two eight Balls = One Nutsack.
Hey man, I am going to swoop in and wanted to grab a nutsack...do you have one on hand?
by CrankinOR May 18, 2014
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by WhoDatFreshBoi April 6, 2017
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Something that is even more nuts than nuts, its Nutsack.

When something is so crazy it can no longer be considered nuts, it has to be nutsack. Add the word fucking for more emphasis.
You: Did you see that plane just blow-up
Friend: Yeah dude shit was nuts.
You: No man if was Fucking NUTSACK.
by IIDeltronZeroII August 14, 2010
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