The pinnacle, the shit.

German origin from the Bavarian slang 'der nuBknacker'. Loosely translated: scrotally awesome.
My brother is so wicked funny he made us both cry. He's the nutsack!
by mchamster December 24, 2012
a person that likes to touch other men's ballsacks
Youre such a little nutsacker, trying to feel me up.
by icecoldteabagger April 9, 2008
When a man receives a considerable amount of damage to his balls.
"god, did u see the way he landed on his balls? He totally just got nutsacked."
by freethroepr January 2, 2014
1. important piece of male genitals that holds and protects the inner testes
2. a stupid fucker who does or says dumb shit and will not stop
1. Mother, once you are through with dinner, will you please wash my nutsack?
2. Mother, that kid Timmy is a frickin' nutsack.
by dustin January 13, 2004
When one lightly coats his nutsack with vasoline and stamps somebody's vehicle windsheild or house windows (any glass object) with their nutsack leaving a clear image of ones nutprint on glass.
"Hey, you niggers want to go nutsacking tonight?"

"I just nutsacked Dan's glass of water.."

"Dude, which one of you sons of bitches nutsacked my windsheild last night?"
by PermNasty June 15, 2009
1. A synonym for scrotum, which protects and houses the male testes. Should not be forcefully attacked for any reason.

2. Some asshole using my name to make stupid definitions. *thumbs down*
Get your own name, nutsack.

His nutsack was ripped open when he landed on that pipe, and his balls spilled out.
by Inimical November 8, 2004
1.) n. A sack of (pea)nuts.

2.) n. An extremely common slang term for the scrotum.
1.) How much for a nutsack?

2.) I have an itchy nutsack.
by r0akh December 20, 2006