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A type of animal with a second brain
Inside of its nipple
I heard hedgehogs are legumes
by HedgehogExpert May 26, 2016
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Legume as a English word means (certain) vegetables like lentils, peas, beans, soybeans and peanuts. Not to be confused with the french word witch means vegetables in a general sense.
pretentious Pete: Now that autumn is upon us, I can finally make luscious heartwarming soups, stews and casseroles out of legume.

simple Simon: Legym!, WTF are you talking about?

pretentious Pete: (Shocked that Simon does not understand this rarely used word, then condescendingly:) you know beans, peas, lentils and so forth. The sort of vegetables your under educated, peasant relatives lived on hundreds of years ago.
by Earl of Warwick July 29, 2017
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It describes lentils and similar stuff. The moooost important thing is that you pronounce it correctly. It is pronounced "le-JOOM-ay" while "le-JOOM-ee" can also be accepted.
Nerd: Bruh whatchu eatin?
Original Gangster: Yo I got me some legumes.

Nerd: Ya mean? Le-gum-ays?

Original Gangster: No bruh. Legumes.
by hammocks4ever June 03, 2018
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