landed: its worked out well, everyting is sorted. Northern Ireland saying.
you got the job? youre landed now!
by monkeynator June 10, 2005
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to arrive some place or area
man, i just landed ill get at ya later!
by "SugEasy" July 26, 2009
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The feeling that overcomes you immediately after enjoying a mokey bowl.
*Jim smokes a mokey*

Pam: Did you just smoke a mokey?

Jim: Don't talk to me woman I've landed!
by up_stairs_kush February 4, 2009
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A popular Russian song during the cold war war "Peace, Land and Bread." to spread communism this slogan was created to crush capitalist pig. But the only thing they recieved was land. There was certainly no peace with the other song- "Gulags, Gulags and Gulags". and there was NO bread. Only for the glorious leader stalin.
Stalin: We need song to show capitalist pig we are better.
Starving Person: Can we just have some peace?
Stalin: THATS IT! "Peace, land and bread!"
Deadass: "Land, Land and Land." fuck stalin blyat.
Stalin: to the g-g-g-gulags gulags and gulags!
by Lumfaous December 11, 2018
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A Political cartoon on that is, unlike The Fox News Channel, Fair and Balanced.
These guys are amateurs at flash/photoshop, but still awesome.
"This Land is my Land, This Land is Your Land, I'm a texas tiger, you're a liberal wiener, I'm a great crusader, you're a herman muuunster, this land will surely vote for me." - George W. Bush

"This Land is my Land, This Land is Your Land, I'm an intellectual, you're a stupid dumbass. I'm a purple heart winner, and yes it's true I won it thrice, this land will surely vote for me." - John Kerry
by Brisk July 28, 2004
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short for cleveland, ohio. a nick name as in da land.

other cleveland nick names are:
Desmond: I was born and raised in ATL. Where you from shawty?
Ricky: I was born and raised in dha land dude.
Desmond: Where is that?
Ricky: Cleveland, Ohio.
by Creativity Productions July 1, 2009
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Land is everything but nothing specific. Land is used as a form of greeting and also as a form of recognition and/or acknowledgement.
Fred: This song is fantastic.
Eric: It is a Land.

Bert: Hey Greg are you keen for a beer?
Greg: Ahhhh land!
Bert: It is a landy land.
by colinthegirlcat April 7, 2019
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