Referred to someone that is high on crystal meth.
Person 1: Whoa did you see that guy.... He's totally on glass right now

Person 2: Totally...

Person 1: Totally
by PbZeppelin321 July 15, 2010
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A type of connection on a water pipe, or bong, that does not use anything to make a seal around it (ie rubber gromets, o-rings, tape, glue) but instead its a taperd hole, with a tapered stem. the connection occures in two spots, on the stem connnecting it to the pipe, and one from the stem to the bowl.
"O sweet that Bong has glass on glass!"
by Sko56 April 29, 2006
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When an area is bombed to a degree that nothing remains.
Based off of the idea that when a nuke goes off in the desert, the sand turns into a glowing sheet of irradiated glass.
We glassed the (enemy), and steamrolled the corpses.

Glassing the desert was an enthralling process.
by Morph123 April 7, 2017
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The act of land becoming shiny, hard, and otherwise glass like after a nuclear strike from the intense heat and pressure.
Although Kim Jong Un wanted to nuke the US, he knew his entire country would be glassed if he did.
by Dankus Memeticus January 1, 2018
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see helpers that help you see so you can see what your eyes are seeing .
your glasses are on fleek
by jerry berry:)6969 September 15, 2020
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1. Two pieces of corrective lenses held together by a frame, side by side, to be worn in front of one's two eyes.
2. Something girls look hot wearing.
1. Haha! You're blind! You need glasses.
2. Amy looks hot wearing those glasses!
by supernintendo_chalmers January 19, 2005
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Slang term for high purity methamphetamine. According to DEA reffers to any product wiyh 85% or higher purity. In real street usage reffers to any product with a clear crystalline appearance.
Yo G you holding any glass.
by CD April 8, 2003
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