usually a tall, slender, sexually attractive female...appealing to some males...if not all males. she'll quench your thirst, alright.
"she's a tall glass of water over there...that's a hot one right there..."
by edibs January 16, 2004
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adj. used to describe a very loose woman, i.e., one who has been the recipient of much porkage.
"dude, mandi is like a fucking glass of water."
"that doesn't make any sense."
"no, i mean fucking her is like sticking your dick into a glass of water."
"oh, i see. yes, she is quite the whore. and i think i'll pass on that drink."
by hal_williamson January 18, 2004
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a container made of glass that is filled with water, a filtered homo juice straight out of compton
yo we woz drinking dat glass of water namsayin
by Ixtinct November 04, 2020
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An object with a questionable intelligence. Screams better insults at me than chloe, red rennamon and you
I've had better insults screamed at me from a glass of water. Your non-sensical ramblings encourage your own idiocy.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
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similar to "tall, dark, and handsome", if you are a tall glass of water, you are a tall guy who is a good catch, i.e. a goodlooking bachelor
Girl: Wow, would ya check him out? His deep voice is so sexxxyyyyy, and he plays tennis, AND he loves kids! Now that's a tall glass of water if I ever saw one!
by Annie September 13, 2006
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