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When one lightly coats his nutsack with vasoline and stamps somebody's vehicle windsheild or house windows (any glass object) with their nutsack leaving a clear image of ones nutprint on glass.
"Hey, you niggers want to go nutsacking tonight?"

"I just nutsacked Dan's glass of water.."

"Dude, which one of you sons of bitches nutsacked my windsheild last night?"
by PermNasty June 14, 2009
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At night time, a car full of people park infront of a house. The driver proceeds to lay on the horn until a light is observed to be turn on in said house. The driver then counts to 3 then everyone in the car yells 'NUTSACK' as loud as they can. Then driver drives the group off to repeat this action again. Can be done to same house multiple times or even random people walking down the street.
"Hey man, we are getting some guys together to go NUTSACKING later. Its going to be hilarious. You interested?"

by project_satan661 April 15, 2009
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