a towel like material that feels amazing. best worn as bed clothes or lazy clothes for their soft velvety feel. comfy to the max. though not yet proven, velour may have healing powers.

velour however is not goofy
stevie dave had a cold and wore his velour socks to bed. in the morning he felt 95% better.

sarah saw a pile of velour clothes in a shop. the shop manager found her fast asleep in the middle of the velour mountain 3hours later. she was banned from the shop. she didnt care, shed never felt better
by loofooloo December 1, 2006
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fake velvet
usualy made into a cheep tracksuit worn by a tool eg jamal johnson (blackburn rovers football player)
"jamal what the fuck are you wearing a velour tracksuit for"
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A man or woman who shaves the genitals but leaves the leg hair. Usually accompanied with revealing clothing.
"The call me the Velour Fog." - Zapp Brannigan, Futurama
by Yesnomaybeidk July 16, 2017
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The best writer in the fake community. Tolkien's successor and the most beautiful geisha in existence. The eternal witch of the moon and supreme of the Velour coven.
Tokio Velour It is a lifestyle.
by gold plate August 7, 2022
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Showing exceptional courage to wear or promote upscale fabric.
I don't like to show off, and I prefer denim and corduroy, anyway, so I don't feel particularly velourous about da idea of wearing "fancy-pants" garments.
by QuacksO June 5, 2021
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