A person who is half Catholic and half Jewish. (One parent of each religion)

a variation of "Cathjew" for Catholic and Jewish.
My mother is Jewish. My father is Catholic, therefore I am a cashew.
by lileponine June 15, 2004
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A person who either is born from a Catholic and a Jew, or someone who practices from both religions.
Mom's Catholic, Dad's a Jew, so I'm a Cashew.
We celebrate Chanukkah with Christmas and Easter with Passover.
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Cashew is a tulpa which is also known as an imaginary friend
Hey my cashew is misbehaving today
by EzioReal August 13, 2021
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One who is both Catholic and Jewish. Or simply is of one religion and reveres the other.
Can I have your mezuzah?
Sure, if you give me your crucifix?
by smantha May 28, 2004
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someone with a very small penis that is also curved. it can also be someone who is an overall bad person and has no morals or ethics.
damn that person was very mean to me what a cashew
by the chode destroyer August 18, 2008
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The process of tapping one on the back of the neck during intense fellatio, and causing male intamcy fluids to rush out of the nasal cavity.
Linda used up a whole box of tissues after I gave her that cashew!
by Robert P. James F and KJ May 16, 2004
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When a website has caching issues that makes data out of sync on different pages.
My facebook profile said I had 7,423 friends, but when my friend looked at my profile it said I only had 6,972 friends, so I guess facebook had a lot cashews
by Mike Is February 14, 2008
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