slang abbreviation for "natural". Usually used to refer to Natural Light beer. Also used in the health & fitness community to refer to bodybuilders who do not utilize performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids.
1) Yo, someone toss me a natty from the fridge.

2) I don't care how big you can get on roids...I'd rather be natty and 190 lbs., than 250 lbs. and juicing.
by zwordsmith June 29, 2013
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A gym goer who trains hard with heavy weights and follows intelligent programming and with good diet however isn't that big, muscular, strong, or ripped (compared to fitness models). Short for "Natural", as in, does not use any steroid hormones at all.

"Fake Natty": A steroid user who says he's a natty
"Half Natty": A steroid user who takes extremely small doses, is usually also a fake natty
Guy who doesn't lift but watches a bunch of youtube videos about Kali Muscle and Jeff Seid: "Wtf bro you've been lifting for 4 years and you only bench 245? Bitch-azz"
Natty: "Ugh fking aye, I'm natty, try to get there yourself phaget."
by Zyzy October 21, 2015
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A slang for Natural Light beer, a favorite of poor college students the world over.
"A keg of natty? Awww damn!"
"Go get me a natty."
by Brad March 13, 2003
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originating from rastafarian culture. meaning 'good','cool' and most importantly, 'elite'.
"hey, natty dreads mon"
by :D March 30, 2003
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slang for the Natural Ice beer brand.
im drinkin a 12 of natty tonight
by dirt January 29, 2003
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Natural, in accordance with nature

Natty Dreads as opposed to insta- dreads
by NattyMegs October 3, 2005
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A nickname often used for Nathalie/Natalie. The most crazy, beautiful and caring person you'll ever meet. Once you met a natty, make sure to never let her go cause she'll glow your world. She's a person that will always make you smile, no matter what. Not only for fun, a natty can also be a very serious person and be there when you need her. She's someone who'll always have a solution for your problems even though she has no solutions for her own problems. Take your time to look behind her mask, a natty needs you as much as you need her and may not be as fine, positive and strong as she acts. Don't ever hurt a natty, she won't be able to ever forget and might turn to your biggest enemy. She truly is an angel sent from heaven, take care of her.
Dude 1: Damn, I miss her so much.. There's no second when I don't think about her!

Dude 2: She truly must be a natty
by NattyGoesCrazy January 5, 2023
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