a chicago word to take the place of the word fucking or meaning having sex
they was juicing last night
(meaning they were having sex.)
by lil mama A.K.A G-UNIT GURL November 28, 2003
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When a woman shoves a towel inside her vagina and squeezes her legs, causing her juice to be absorbed in the towel, and then slaps her partner in the face with it.
Dude, that girl juiced me so hard she bruised my face!

I don't know if I like juicing or Pussy Slap more.
by Mr. Handlebars July 19, 2012
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When a women is riding a man and she combines bouncing and grinding while making her P tighter each time she bounces. The goal is to make him feel like his is being juiced.
She started juicing me. Bruh best feeling ever 😐.
by πŸ‘‘RoyaltyπŸ‘‘ July 12, 2016
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