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originating from rastafarian culture. meaning 'good','cool' and most importantly, 'elite'.
"hey, natty dreads mon"
by :D March 30, 2003

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1. A small, black and white, sexy aquatic flightless bird.

2. A rich guy who wears a tux everwhere..one whose ass must be kicked.

3. An idiotic character from the TV show Batman, who makes long ass schemes such as "i burn you slowly with a magnifying glass" to kill people instead of just shooting their ass. He has his very own asshat
1. That penguin was too busy being swarmed by women to talk to.

2. I kicked that penguins ass and stole his girlfriend.

3. Trever Clement is almost as gay as the Penguin.
by :D October 31, 2004

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Smarm means sleezy,and creepy.also smarmy and smarmball.
"You are such a smarm!"
by :D January 12, 2005

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a kick ass russian band, thank you very much
menya zovnut shnur is a fuckin awesome song
by :D January 12, 2005

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1.) A small particle or pice of matter.
2.) Surname of a great family.
1.) Ive got a fleck of sawdust in my eye!
2.) The Flecks are wonderful people.
by :D March 29, 2004

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The world's FIRST online punk comic! Creator, Mitch, is very attractive. Abbrev.: NN2S
"Dude, those NN2S-ers are all 1337 punx0rs!"
by :D May 31, 2003

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Best fucking suburb in the history of the world.
"Pizza is cool... almost as cool as BEAUMARIS!"
by :D October 22, 2003

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