Slang for the police or any other law enforcement.
“Told em fuck 12, fuck SWAT...”
by nlolhere May 28, 2020
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The Police. Any law enforcement agent. See also "PO-PO" and "ONE-TIME."
Shouting "TWELVE" when the cops are spotted approaching the scene of some illegal activity.
by Jeff Callahan December 14, 2003
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It's 12 Districts in the greater city of Atlanta. There are always 12 officers on patrol at all times in each district and each officer works 12 hour shifts! That why ATL says "12" when referring to police.
Put the blunt down! 12 just hit the block!
by "12" = Police March 21, 2016
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10-12 is a cb-radio 10 code which means "visitors present". It was a way to let someone on the other end know to be careful on what they said. Today it can be used to warn someone to stop talking about something or to be careful what they talk about at that moment.
Hey we got 12's.
Uhmm I was going to say something but there are 12's.
by testit143 April 15, 2007
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The most beautiful number ever created by a mathentist. 12 is whenever i am happy. 12 is whenever the sun rises. 12 is 12. Love is 12.
by ILOVETHENUMBER12 January 31, 2017
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You said 224 and then you had an off day, I felt your pain all day, I know it's hard, I know you didn't need this struggle but at the same time you/I can't run away or fight it.

It's ok my love, it will be ok, have faith❤

If so, karma will come in person and get us together because we are so useless, both of us 🙈😅

And we will never love again in this life, if we won't be together, if all of me won't be all of yours ❤️ 🔥🎼, we will never love again 💯 💔

12 is more than a hint , and you have all the info, either you take it or leave it forever, but we will never love again 💔 and it's a shame
12 panicked with some of your recent definitions/ numbers are being answered ..... 143_. Check please ......
by Rollercoster #16 April 17, 2022
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