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Half Natty is a bodybuilding term that is used to describe a bodybuilder who has been lifting for 5+ years, typically even more. Natty meaning natural, thus, half natural. Not to be confused with a person who has taken steroids before and is now no longer taking them. The results of this bodybuilder display an incredible physique, one who may call unnatural. This term has been developed in the bodybuilding community to describe those who have been sceptical of using performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids, or SARMS.

To obtain the structure and physique of a Half Natty bodybuilder - you must eat, and train on a consistent basis with the inclusion of good form, motivation, and determination. These Half Natty bodybuilders take every advantage they can to take the most incredible progress photos. This may include but not limited to - Good pump, down lighting, fake/natural tan, or an oiled physique. Such steps can give the individual the illusion of 5 to 10 lbs more muscle mass than what he/she may already have.
Friend 1: "Hey dude, have you seen Matt Ogus? Dude is definitely on something, I doubt he claims natural"
Friend 2: "Matt Ogus is a Half Natty bodybuilder, he is completely natural. All he does is train and eat consistently and take good photos. Half Natty, not to be confused with someone who has taken steroids before and is now natural."
Friend 1: "Oh shit, my bad"
by BoomerangTang March 18, 2019
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Usually an accomplished bodybuilder who has half natural, half steroid gains, in either order.
The best way to describe it is when your friend got huge naturally then just started juicing recently.
"bro how did you get that big without steroids"

"I'm half natty"


"bro you're only bigger than me because you've been on steroids longer"

"I'm half natty"
by Roidzzz March 02, 2014
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