the thing urban dictionary keeps pestering us to define. seriously folks, we get it.
by Chelsea February 25, 2005
Brian: Should I e-mail this to Strong Bad?
Brianetta: Your World
by Me December 12, 2003
A term used to describe someone's imaginary life which exists only in his or her own mind. See: Teenager
Maybe in your world homework isn't necessary, but since I'm paying the outrageous tuition to your private school, you're going to finish the homework anyway!
by Sheely November 16, 2003
The only place where you are liked
You- I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and Gosh Darnit- People like me!

Every other human (and most primates)- Yeah, in your world!
by Yo Mama Osama March 16, 2004
A statement used to imply "do whatever you wanna do"
Person A: Tommorrow I'm gonna get drunk.
Person B: Hey, your world, man!
by qdmasta October 22, 2003
expression used during a basketball game to mean 'do your thing'
Person A passes ahead to person B who has been on fire all game and says "your world"
by aesaes March 25, 2008
That thing that urban dictionary really wants me to define. What it is, I have no clue, whatsoever. My English teacher taught me that humor is a persuasive technique. So, hence the non-informative definition
by Anna Pan January 6, 2013