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She is such a wonderful person. She has a big heart for everyone. Sometimes she is to good to some people. She is the cutest person you've ever seen. She's a little angel on earth... everyone needs her in their live.
Guy1: "What should I do?'
Guy2:' Go to Nathalie and talk with her and then you would feel better"
by Paborito3161 January 03, 2017
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A girl who is the best in bed. She is a fast learner, which comes in handy. A Nathalie is one of the most beautiful things that your eyes will lay on, although she tends to have a temper. So don't mess with her. She's a player, but can stick to one guy. Nathalie manages to get all the guys on her. She is a keeper, as long as you know how to treat her. You must never have her depressed, or you will never see the good in her. She has to almost always be happy in order to have full energy and to keep a smile on your face as well. All the guys are tempted to kiss her because of her full, soft lips. She can be agressive, so she'll need someone who can handle her.
Did you see Nathalie? She has the softest lips i've ever kissed!
by Master11526 October 08, 2009
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Nathalie is a very kind and caring person if you are her friend then your in luck she will keep your secrets safe
Uhhh i wish i can be Nathalie’s friend shes so nice
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by TJ Raine November 30, 2017
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A girl who has a great butt

really funny

laughs her heart out everyday

slightly ditzy at times

great french kisser

wild and crazy dancer



can get whoever she wants

fast learner

great in bed

a true friend


great advice giver

drop dead sexy and gorgeous
Who did you go to the dance with?

I went with Nathalie...

by GagaBlahBlah December 13, 2010
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Nathalie is an intellectual creature who is shy at first but once you are acquainted, she is a crazy mofo. She is a very calm understanding person, but when she gets mad all hell breaks loose so do not fuck with a Nathalie. Nathalie’s also love to roll in mud and live in the wilderness, so if you're camping and you see someone naked with dirt, twigs, and leaves all over them than don’t be alarmed it's just a Nathalie who is probably thirst.
.good listeners
.open minded
.love nature

.blunt (could come across as bitchy)

.at times cold
man1: "bro i think i hear something...?!"
...(bushes moving...)

man2" "fuck bro i hear that too!"

nathalie: "hi, do you have water?"
man 1&2: "dayyyyyy-umm! we got more than water!"
by the stocker73863 February 22, 2012
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