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Nathalie is a type of female that will make your dreams come true. she is short, Loyal smart and funny. Nathalie Can be rude at times so never get on her bad side. if you want to keep Nathalie on her good side just do things you know that won't get her over the edge. She can also make the people that don't like her jealous. Nathalie can get any man she wants.

The worst thing a guy can see from a Nathalie is when she's crying. Never see a Nathalie cry it will break your heart into a million of pieces. Nathalie will also keep your secrets safe. She will never use it against you when she's in a argument with someone. Nathalie Can also be freaky so don't tempt her and when you kiss her you want to kiss her even more because of her lips

If you want to be happy I suggest you go for a Nathalie.. she will rock your world
Guy 1: Aye you see my new bae Nathalie….

Guy 2: Yup I heard she is a keeper
by Lili_Mingg July 20, 2019
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(n) the French variant of Natalie, she is usually a tan/caramel toned girl who is naturally talented at anything she does. Despite being socially-skilled, she is a true introvert and not many people will know her true self unless you get very close. She is compassionate but can come off as cold and indifferent. She is a fiery and passionate lover, though often insatiable, making men lust and obsess over her. She is extremely intelligent but gets bored quickly so she will never hold a steady job, choosing to live from adventure to adventure. Nathalies live fast and die young. She is the friend you’ll always remember and the lover you’ll never forget.
Guy 1: oh man, that was 20 years ago and I still love that girl I met at the festival.
Guy 2: sounds like a Nathalie!
by Iwon3 May 25, 2019
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She is such a wonderful person. She has a big heart for everyone. Sometimes she is to good to some people. She is the cutest person you've ever seen. She's a little angel on earth... everyone needs her in their live.
Guy1: "What should I do?'
Guy2:' Go to Nathalie and talk with her and then you would feel better"
by Paborito3161 January 02, 2017
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A girl who is the best in bed. She is a fast learner, which comes in handy. A Nathalie is one of the most beautiful things that your eyes will lay on, although she tends to have a temper. So don't mess with her. She's a player, but can stick to one guy. Nathalie manages to get all the guys on her. She is a keeper, as long as you know how to treat her. You must never have her depressed, or you will never see the good in her. She has to almost always be happy in order to have full energy and to keep a smile on your face as well. All the guys are tempted to kiss her because of her full, soft lips. She can be agressive, so she'll need someone who can handle her.
Did you see Nathalie? She has the softest lips i've ever kissed!
by Master11526 October 08, 2009
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Nathalie is a very kind and caring person if you are her friend then your in luck she will keep your secrets safe
Uhhh i wish i can be Nathalie’s friend shes so nice
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by TJ Raine November 30, 2017
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A person who is amazing, and just breathtaking.
Person 1: Man, she is so fucking awesome and hot

Person 2: Yeah she is a nathalie
by chinkoooo November 26, 2011
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