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What you find in your mouth after giving head to a girl.
"Don't bother with that chick. She left an anchovie in my mouth last time."
by Brad March 28, 2008
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sweet ass rock band from michibama. period.
Bob: "and forever rocked my face off at that concert last night."
Jen: "i know...eric's so hot, too."
Laura: "yea, he gave me an orgasm with that scream of his."Eric: "laaadies......."
by Brad July 29, 2004
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anyone against big business and their constant exploits to destroy all wholesome american society has left with propaganda, rigged government events, etc......most true punks are a part of this group, also metalheads
the corporations have taken over
we must overcome
we are many
and they are one
we must fight
or they will win
this means war
against their anti-american sins
by Brad November 27, 2003
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n. One who greatly admires and enjoys maps.
Only a cartophile would spend seven hours browsing and admiring maps.
by Brad November 5, 2004
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refers to a condom
dawg, u got a any c-boy
by Brad December 14, 2004
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Dude did you hear what that cheeze nipper said shes retarded!
by Brad January 9, 2003
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