The scenest thing going at the moment.

Camera whores post pictures of the side of thier face with thier extra heavy eyeliner on. And post a bullitin literaly begging for comments cause it's the only thing that they have to make them feel loved.
Tammy: "Hey, aren't you my friend on MyScene?"

Ron: "No, I don't have one."

Tammy: "Oh. Guess I won't be talking to you if I can't comment all you're super sexy half naked pictures. Later."
by ill kill you June 30, 2005
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a life sucker. a stupid site that makes you think you`re popular if you have more than 100 friends & disappoints you if no one wants to comment your ugly pictures.
i`m on myspace 12 hours a day.
by kady17 December 28, 2005
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What started out as a website, now has become a cultural reference, laughingstock, mainly due to the large amount of freshman getting pedo'd, because they give out all their info, right down to their social security number, in hopes of gaining more "friends"
You know it's bad when the teachers are going "Shut up, or I'll delete you from my MySpace!"
by kidsxonxdrugs February 17, 2006
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1.) Place where I made lots of "friends" before I went home for Christmas break then met up with some of them once I got home only to discover that our relationships were solely based on random comments that are only funny if it's past 3 AM and that I have no real life social skills.

2.) Emo/ hipster mecca. Sure they're hot and well dressed, but they all listen to the same music and share the same awkward haircut.
"Turns out, 'Will' the emo gangster I met on myspace doesn't have much to say in person. Nor do I."
by loser face February 21, 2005
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1. Terrible color schemes.
2. Hilariously bad music list.
3. Same boring set of photos which consist of angled, black and white, or 'crank up the gamma' pics to hide pimples/fat. If that's not bad enough, there's always a retarded emo phrase underneath the pic.
4. Every word typed in alternating caps or ebonics.
5. Pages usual have 50+ flash gifs of the word 'SHORTY' or 'PRINCESS'.
6. If you're not into shitty music and shitty trends, stay away. Looking for individuality? STAY AWAY!
Guy1: hey check out this site, www.myspace.com
Guy2: hmm what's this... holy shit what the fuck is this shit? what is that terrible music playing?!
by GOERNR January 10, 2006
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Basically, the worst site in history. An addictive site were scene kids tell each other how OMG RADXCORE their hair looks and steal each others pictures/music/style.
scene kid #2: omg yeah!!!! you had the break dancing robot dinosaur, right?
by saree January 31, 2006
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