a misusage of the intended "addictive" by an uneducated/retarded individual.
"Most Addicting Flash Game You'll Play This Week"
by Yurhiness May 16, 2007
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Moron usage of 'addictive', used by latter-day illiterati unable to tell the right side up of a book.
'That game is so addicting!'
'Dude, learn to write or something. It's "addictive".'
by DerpinatorX November 10, 2017
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Incorrect usage of the intended word "addictive" used by some fucking moron on Digg.
"Most Addicting Flash Game You'll Play This Week"
by Yurhiness May 16, 2007
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causing addiction or a strong habit
Alcohol, porn, and the internet can all be addicting to someone with an addictive personality in the US; but in the UK they can only be addictive.
by Old Kynikos December 9, 2008
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A weird addiction to any/all programs, documentaries, e.t.c. featuring the sad existences of drug, alcohol, sex, OCD's, and any other addict.
"Man, we need to do an 'intervention' on Bill; All he ever talks about is "Intervention" or "Hoarders." "What an addiction addict!"
by BoiseBoltfan April 26, 2010
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That goes way beyond cocaine. That could mean continued use of anything.

Addiction isn’t just the use of chemicals such as nicotine, alcohol and heroin. It’s bigger than that.

Examples of addictions: Internet, Porn, Binge Eating/Watching, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.
Again, the true and simple definition of addiction is - continued use, despite adverse consequences.

Read more here: drjud.com/habit-loops-everyday-addictions/
Friend: Do you have a porn addiction?
Me: *nervous* Um... No, I just...
Friend: ...
by Akuma1 April 1, 2020
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A word that isn't actually a word. It is used by illiterate fucks who really mean "Addictive."
Stranger- Coffee is really addicting.
A guy who is actually intelligent- It's "addictive" you illiterate fuck!
by ihateilliteratefucks September 12, 2010
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