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The most awesome of all vehicles. The VW Bus is spacious, comfortable, versatile, beautiful, and fuel-efficient. It is perfect for both long and short-term road trips, and makes crossing the country a pleasure. Its large capacity allows friends, bandmates, and fellow hippies to come along for the ride.
The VW Bus is also completely unsafe due to the nonexistant crumple zone in front of the dashboard (this means that there is a sheet of metal the width of a tuna can protecting your legs in event of a crash.) This lends an air of excitement and risk to every road trip.
See also kick ass, beauty, marijuana, touring and band.
"Ah, man, did you see her new car? I heard she drove to CA to get it."
"Yeah, it's a fuckin' beauty!"
"A '77 VW bus! Holy fizznats!"
by Annie July 23, 2004
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similar to "tall, dark, and handsome", if you are a tall glass of water, you are a tall guy who is a good catch, i.e. a goodlooking bachelor
Girl: Wow, would ya check him out? His deep voice is so sexxxyyyyy, and he plays tennis, AND he loves kids! Now that's a tall glass of water if I ever saw one!
by Annie September 13, 2006
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... (n.)if you don't know that a "twatt" is the proper term for vagina then what the hell is wrong with you?
(adj.)funny, disgusting, or also could be dirty/messy, something that reminds you of a vagina
(v.)to enter something into the vaginal canal; masturbation; thrusting an object in the vagina
(n.)I'm sorry guys, I have to itch my twatt.
(adj.)Her hair was twatt today.
(v.)Bill, you might not want to touch that pencil I left on your desk, I twatted it last night after you left the office.
by Annie March 1, 2005
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A talented bassist, composer, and writer, most famous for his career as bassist for the excellent and celebrated band Phish. After the band's breakup in 2004, Mike entered into a collaboration with guitar legend Leo Kottke, resulting in their exploratory album, Clone, and a limited tour. Mike also appeared several times with the Benevento-Russo Duo. In 2005, he rebanded with Leo to produce a second album, Sixty Six Steps, and the two again toured.

Mike's Phish-era solo work includes the psychoanalytic Inside In, which he produced during the Hiatus. He was also the author of Mike's Corner, a column which appeared regularly in the band's publication, the Doniac-Schvice, and also on the Phish website through July of 2003. The column was adapted into a book of short stories of the same name, with illustrations by Mike's then-fiancee, Priscilla Foster. A film maker all his life, Mike has produced an independent film, Outside Out, among others; he also directed Phish's one and only music video, Down With Disease.

Mike Gordon, now in his early forties, lives in Vermont.

See also Cactus, Phish, and Mike's Groove
by Annie October 26, 2005
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1. Wrong
I figure that left is the opposite of right and wrong is also the opposite of right, So there for wrong and left mean the same thing.
that was so left!
by Annie April 26, 2004
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Lazy noise. Sometimes dragged out for a lazier effect.
Meh. Ya ud.com says it's too short...
by Annie December 30, 2004
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