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A mindset or state of being close to godlike...nobody can be told what carpoflash it, you have to discover it for yourself,it is something different to everyone, a cleaning product, ...no no no product is too small, too paltry a word...
She is truly the dali lama of carpoflash
by Annie April 7, 2005
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Woman obsessive of her hundred of cat "children." Can be seen feeding at park feeding ducks and tripping children with her walker.
"Damn, you see that crazy old cat-lady feeding the ducks alka seltzer?"

"Yeah, she's so cool.."
by Annie December 28, 2004
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a sport that combines grace, agility, flexibility and strength into complicated dance and stunt routines, usually performed at halftime of another sporting event, i.e. - football, soccer, basketball, etc. As a sport, however, cheerleading is usually not taken seriously because of unfair and untrue archaic stereotypes. Cheerleading of the current day and age is intensely competitive, with close to 1000 competitions held yearly in the US alone. Two major professional groups that support education and competition are the National Cheerleaders Association (www.nationalspirit.com) and the Universal Cheerleaders Association (www.varsity.com) Check out these sites for further information.
The Cheerleading squad practices long hours to perfect their difficult stunts.
by Annie July 2, 2003
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The mountains are purple, the bud is bright green.

What else is there?
Let's go to Red Rocks and smoke some doob.
by Annie April 1, 2004
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one of the best comedians of our time with witty spontaneous jokes and is much much better than Leno will ever be. Sometimes though, he gets crappy guests
Conan O'Brien made me laugh so hard the other night
by Annie December 9, 2003
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