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an amazingly addivtive "place for friends". most of your friends had one so you thought it would be cool to join also, while doing this you take pictures of your half-haked self in front of a bathroom mirror. after having myspace for about a month you realize that you tend to check it every 5 minutes. Myspace allows you to put different "display names" that are on top of you default picture. only losers on myspace change their display name along with the picture. Myspace has "whore trains" something that allows you to have as many friends as you please by posting pointless bullitens. Myspace claims to be a great way to meet friends, but it is more like a great way to meet stalkers. Alot of people add friends just for the sake of having more friends than the other person. Also when you first join myspace, you have your first friend who is Tom--you will initially think he is a stalker but no he is just the creator.
Don't get a myspace its too addictive. You can easily meet a stalker there.
by lambxxluvr March 20, 2006
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