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1) listen to this, to me
2) look at this, at me
Frightened? Well I'm not surprised, ya never seen the likes of me. Check it, I want a big fat advance and my alfalfa free.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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someone or something who wants another someone or something to see his point or what he is trying to show
yo man! check it. why dont we go get some hoes?
by hi January 21, 2003
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A cross-genre of Audio & Video. A style of music & video in which a microphone must be used to create effects in the song or video. Hip-Hop, Step, Break Beat, DJing, VJing, Video Art & Visual Art. Based & originated from the common mic check 1, 2, 3 i.e. "Check it 1 - 2 - 3", which later moved into early rap samples. The microphone can be used for anything except traditional singing. Check it! uses voice manipulation, feedback, beatboxing, voice sampling, instrument recording(meaning the instrument is not hardwired yet captured via the microphone).
A song in production records a sitar, a crunked up laugh, a guitar, breathing, a beat box sample, voice manipulation like eeeeuuuuuuwwwahhh eeesch, through a microphone. "Check it! Yo! We make Diesel out of home grown"
A dj uses a mic w/ effects to add texture over the mix.
A vj uses the audio from a mic to add visual effects through visualization software like G-force Goom and MilkDrop.
by silverlage October 29, 2008
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To point out a rather good looking male/female (whatever takes your fancy).
by gopher June 15, 2003
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A term used in place of "see ya" or "kind regards" at the end of a written correspondence such as email/letter/text message.
hey man,
are you still up for bar trivia at the Comm on Wednesday night?
by Geraldine Williams May 28, 2006
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another way to say ima go or leave
see bounce out
Man this party is weak ima check it!
by DJon June 11, 2006
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