The act of taking advantage of another person.

Also known as leaching..
John is always mooching money off of me.
by Jade38 June 7, 2005
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A person who is lazy, and not doing anything at the present time
I'm just mooching about!
by Daniel March 30, 2004
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In the UK mooching means going for a walk (usually looking for somewhere to eat) often while drunk and/or stoned.

In the US mooching is one person taking advantage of another.
(Two guys drunk in a tent in England)

John: "Where's Dave gone?"

Jack: "He went mooching off in that direction a couple of minutes ago"

(Two guys talking about friend's girlfriend in America)

John: "Dave's just bought his girlfriend a new car"

Jack: "She's just mooching off him coz he's rich"
by sthtf September 11, 2006
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Someone who wants something for free .. someone who takes and takes but doesn't give back.
Matt is the biggest MOOCH ive ever seen
by Noodle January 17, 2005
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Being fired at a job less than two weeks after starting.
"Hey, I thought you just started working at a Fast Food Restaurant what happened?"
"Boss caught me taking a leak in the jar of pickles and I got mooched."
by louiseharp July 31, 2017
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Someone who takes and takes but never gives. They could take food, money or anything that you give them but never give you anything in return.
Aaron is such a moocher. He keeps asking me for money and never drops a penny!
by KelKell August 18, 2009
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noun: mooch; plural noun: mooches

A Mooch is a specific unit of measurement denoting ten (10) days of employment. The word is a Eponymously named after Anthony Scaramucci who was employed as the White House Communications Director in the U.S. President Trump administration for ten (10) days.
"I've been at my new place of employment for one mooch and I can tell that it is going to work out just fine!"

"Carl certainly has his life together. He's been employed at a Whitley Penn for over 180 mooches."

"I've been trying to suck my own cock for the past mooch; however, I haven't even managed to get just the tip."
by RomulusAugustus August 3, 2017
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