258 definitions by Daniel

1)A crazy or insanely humerous person.
2)Someone with a great sense of humor
3)A person who makes up words.
4)Non college ruled paper.
Lol that girl is such a traff, she always cracks me up!

That ass tried to give me a piece of traff! The teacher counted off for using noncollege ruled paper!
by Daniel November 15, 2004
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Adjective describing something that is shapely, cute, and easily forgiven.
That red bellied penguin is so trefeloquin, I just can't help but forgive him for eating my wife.
by Daniel November 14, 2004
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She's gwaltney, but I could hit that.
by Daniel August 4, 2003
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1. The phonetic spelling for the quick pronunciation of the almighty name "Daniel"

2. Nickname given to the highest ranking of Daniels

3. The absense of a space and/or comma between calling your friend, Dan, and greeting him.
1. Hey Danyo! Why are you so awesome beyond all awesomeness?

2. I dub thee Danyo, Daniel. You are of the greatest of Daniels.

3. Friend: danyo
Dan: huh?
Friend: dan, yo
Dan: oh
by Daniel January 23, 2004
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danYo owns you.
BAM! BAM! Dead.
by Daniel November 30, 2004
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n. One that has qualities associated with Dankins including stupidity, ugliness, being named Jared, being annoying and weak.
by Daniel October 2, 2003
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A stupid school with stupid people. All of them except me need to go to hell :)
Glenvar High people are the crap of society.
by Daniel September 24, 2003
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