1)An excuse for any kind of illegitamate situation. Covers anything from smoking to sex.
2)Actually going for a walk, possibly to see other people you've been looking for.
1)"The high school students 'went for a walk' after photography class. They were gone for more than an hour. Who knows what they were doing back there..."
2)Girl:"I'm going for a walk to see if I see that hot guy who lives back by the school."
by killerfiller December 6, 2005
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A term often used to ask people to hook up with them at boarding school
Jim: “Hey Sally, wanna go for a walk before study hall?”
Sally: “Jim you know I have a boyfriend, so no I do not want to go for a walk with you
by Cushkid June 9, 2020
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When someone gets so depressed that they need to go for a damn walk. This walk isn't any kind of walk. Its a walk about sad hours and rethinking life.
Daniel: Kevin you are so damn stupid.
Phillip: Ya Kevin no one likes you.
Kevin: I'm going for a walk...
Daniel and Phillip: Oh shit.
by Definitely not Daniel August 9, 2018
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Normally when someone lets off steam by going for a walk, commonly with friends and end up in a fight
“Hey Brad, we go for a walk to Hendrickson’s house, you coming?”
“Sure let’s go for a nice long walk
by Eliminate November 12, 2019
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Largely Used in Virginia Beach for going to smoke a cigar
Hey man, let go for a walk, and get some fresh air
by Big Pappa November 23, 2005
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To have sexual intercourse with a female.
"Hey whats going down with that chick and you?"
"Ah, I'm going to walk the cat."
"thata boy!" (slap hands)

and or,
"What are you about tonight?"
"Yo, I just want to walk a cat tonight"

and or,
"That girl is hella horny>"
"Ya, she wants her cat walked."
by Ryan Prewitt February 24, 2008
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Getting a female to have intercourse with you.
James: "What good with that prospect?"
Pip: "Ah, I'm going to walk the cat."
James: "Ahhh ya!" (Slap Hands)
by Ryan Prewitt February 22, 2008
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