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A guy who looked up his real name and is laughing at how stupid people's defintions are
by Xephiz December 08, 2012
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One of the most amazing people in the world. People named Aaron have an independent streak which makes them challenge the world. They are quiet and like their alone-time; however, they open up more and play around when their friends are around. People named Aaron are truly special. They can light up someone's world and the two of them can dance a dance of immense freedom. People named Aaron have curious minds that jump from idea to idea. (Each idea being spontaneous, crazy, and absurd.) They are usually shy to people they don't know, but shine when they are around people they are comfortable with. They are beautiful people, inside and out, who will go far in life with their determination and amazing sense of humour. People named Aaron are funny and can keep others entertained easily. They are easy to fall for and easy to make friends with. All in all, they are one of the most amazing people you will meet.
Aaron captivates you.
by VenusGirl August 08, 2009
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In India "Aaron" is a slang word for pimp.
In North America, the name "Aaron" commands respect and fear.
In Europe, "Aaron" means sexy, athletic.

In Greece, the name "Aaron" means Gladiator.
In all other parts of the world, "Aaron" means, Diamonds.
That dude's got mad sex appeal, bet his name is Aaron.
The Gods of Olympus called on Aaron, to defeat the scurge of the Underworld.
I love my new 24 Karat Aaron!!
by Mikell Jaxen February 03, 2010
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A very loyal, kind, handsome and trustworthy man. He is friends with everyone, but loves his one girl more than anything. He is so faithful to her, and does not even pay a lick of attention to other girls. To him, his girl is his world. He is sweet, and laid back. If you have an Aaron, dont let him go, because you will always be the happiest girl on the planet. He is the perfect man, and is your soulmate.
Wow, you found your soulmate? His name must be Aaron.
by bigheartedgirl January 19, 2012
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Aaron is the most beautifulest guy in the world. Anyone would adore him. Hes cute, funny, and knows how to make people laugh. When he smiles the whole room lights up. He's the kind of guy you wish you can cuddle with. His laugh is very contagious to others. Doesn't cry often. Around the skinny side. Aaron's like to tease people about certain personality traits. They usually get made fun of, but they just slack it off. They go for what they believe in and never stop trying. Love sports; very athletic. Very easy to listen to. An amazing guy in general. He only has one true love. He doesn't like to admit personal things in public. Aaron's can be a jerk at times, but they are always forgivable. They love to be involved in everything with everyone. They don't give hugs often; only to loved ones. To rap everything up, Aaron is a one of a kind guy. Anyone would love to have him.
Girl 1 - Hey look, its Aaron :).
Girl 2 - Isn't he just amazing!
by AmandaBarichello December 19, 2010
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an Aaron is the type of person who can always make you laugh but yet make you wonder why your even laughing. An aaron are males who are amazingly smart and attractive but not cocky about it. Aaron is a guy you can just stand near and be insanely happy because your close to him. Aarons are also great friends and lovers :) Aarons know no limits and live life to the fullest, which can sometimes mean drinking alot! An Aaron is the upmost amazing guy put on earth. So sweet, kind, funny, smart, hot, trustworthy, honest, and genuine person. Anyone who has an aaron in their life are so lucky and better never let them go. Oh they are also great kissers and have a freaking hot body!
Girl 1: Gosh I had the best time last night on my date! He was god's gift to earth

Girl 2: let me guess, you got an aaron?
by 1luckygirlWA August 03, 2009
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Basically just a god among men. Type of guy that spills lemonade at a restaurant and genuinely feels bad about it so he wipes it up with his all-powerful penis, all with a smile on his face. Type of guy who never misplaces a sock, and always has exact change. He can speak german, in french. An Aaron is constantly told that he is the funniest person that someone has ever met, but he is far too focused on fighting off malicious viruses for the good of mankind to even except the compliment. An Aaron always has the answer but pretends not to sometimes because he doesnt want to be percieved as a know it all. Aarons often come up with catchphrases that other people pick up but he doesnt mind everyone stealing his material because he'll just think up something even more awesome tomorrow. Aarons can spit in to the wind. Aarons can count their chickens beofre they hatch, and then use that number to draw a mural of the meaning of life. An Aaron can lick his own elbow (go ahead, try it you little chump. yep couldnt do it, could you? Youre no fucking Aaron, thats a for sure) Aaron is a traditionally a jewish name but that doesnt stop him from dunking on a full sized basketball hoop, while eating pork.
I have never met a real Aaron before, but my vagina is really aching to.
by HeyImAaron January 11, 2010
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