sweet, intelligent, sexy, gorgeous, droolable guy whom i've liked for some time, but nobody knows how i feel..
(sees a guy on the street).. ohhh that's definitely a melvs!!
by Julz November 2, 2004
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I went to a PTA meeting last night and I saw so many melves.
by Clana September 4, 2005
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i gave her poon a quick melv
by si October 14, 2003
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An insult synonymous with loser but can have multiple negative connotations. The term was popularized in Central New Jersey and spread from there.
Guy 1: Yo, I saw Herbert in the bathroom crying because he got a 93 on the math test!

Guy 2: Word? That kid is a total MELV!
by tpak May 23, 2008
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a wild welsh boy in london associated wiv the clit rub club!
by paulos October 13, 2003
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Whilen out while drunk or high

gettin wild on the floe
Yo, Melv you getting wild on the floe.

Melv pass me some fruitloops.
by Magano August 10, 2003
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