Central is one of the oldest high schools in Omaha with a population of 3,000, its mostly white and most stoner kids go here. It has had a drug "problem" since 2003, it has 4 sides and goes 4 floors up and another 4 floors down. It has awful parking, no block system and half of everyone here is high on some substance
Person one: I did a line of coke, saw a knife fight and and saw someone getting head in the bathroom

Person 2: what fucking school is this
Person 1: Central
by PapaRetard October 8, 2019
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Slang word used by Londoners to describe central London.
I'm going central to buy trainers

I am in central
by pete edwards February 28, 2018
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word used by Washingtonians (People from Washington State) short for Central Washington University, which is a Division II state university located in Ellensburg, WA
1. When I went to Central, I lived in Sue Lombard Hall.

2. I was a wrestler at Central.

3. The mascot of Central is the Wildcats.
by thmtom December 12, 2004
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Something centrally located to an area.
"There's a piece of equipment more centralated to your area.
by The Silverback at Rio April 23, 2008
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Central air conditioning, commonly referred to as central air (U.S.) or air-con (UK), is an air conditioning system that uses ducts to distribute cooled and/or dehumidified air to more than one room, or uses pipes to distribute chilled water to heat exchangers in more than one room, and which is not plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
With a typical split system, the condenser and compressor are located in an outdoor unit; the evaporator is mounted in the air handler unit. With a package system, all components are located in a single outdoor unit that may be located on the ground or roof.

Central air conditioning performs like a regular air conditioner but has several added benefits:

When the air handling unit turns on, room air is drawn in from various parts of the building through return-air ducts. This air is pulled through a filter where airborne particles such as dust and lint are removed. Sophisticated filters may remove microscopic pollutants as well. The filtered air is routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to rooms. Whenever the air conditioner is running, this cycle repeats continually.
Because the condenser unit (with its fan and the compressor) is located outside the home, it offers a lower level of indoor noise than a free-standing air conditioning unit.
Most new homes being built in the United States today have central air.

It must be ninety degrees outside, can you turn on the central air?
by AutoHVACnut February 8, 2012
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Shithole school in Rocky Mount, NC. Kids from the Southside of the city come to this school. To sum it up, it just a place full of fights, gang bangers, ratchet hoes, and weedheads that bullshit around until 2:30.
Friend #1: I'm about to see whats on Worldstar for today!

Friend #2: Lets just go to Nash Central instead!
by trueshitdawg May 16, 2013
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Rural lane county and douglas county, oregon
Guy 1: where are you headed these days?
Guy 2: hillbilly central

Guy 1: where?
Guy 2: hillbilly central is rural lane county and douglas county, oregon
Guy 1: makes sense
by Sumdumho September 13, 2014
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