PTA stands for Parent teachers association Meeting

its the worst day because u get fu**ed up and punished
i envy him because his parent have never been to a PTA meeting
by mustafasowan December 25, 2007
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PTA stands for Pussy Tits and Ass, a PTA meeting is a girls only party
"I'm going to a PTA meeting tonight"
"A Parent Teacher Association meeting, but you don't have kids"
"Nooo its a Pussy Tits and Ass meeting, all girls party"
"can I come?"
"No, your a guy, you have to have pussy tits and ass to get in"
by Alexzia Movzmi February 5, 2012
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When everyone at a bar, restaurant or club is older than you by at least one generation.
Guy 1: "Dude want to go to that bar in Florida by the bingo place?"
Guy 2: "Naw man, that's a total PTA meeting, we won't be able to pick up chicks who aren't friends with our moms."
by KeelyLC March 27, 2012
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