9 definitions by Julz

"wtch ur back in those ends blad"
"naa it kl blad.. im well trenched in dem endz"
by Julz June 18, 2006
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A typical, so called Try-Hard, is somebody who thinks is realy good at a game that is being played, but in reality this person is most-likely the worst player (of the team), even though he\she is attempting to be the best and is putting the most effort into the game...
Basketball might be a good example for a Try Hard, this person makes a 3 pointer once in a while, but in general he\she is awfully bad\sucks at the game !
by Julz June 11, 2014
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killed the greatest rapper ever tupac an then went ahead and killed biggie
by Julz February 06, 2004
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Items that might reveal one's sexual preference.
"Shit, the parents are coming to visit. Quick, hide the gayaphernalia!"
by Julz November 07, 2003
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A sweet, intelligent, lovable guy, who i can't stop thinking of and will always be in love with.
(sees a guy at a bbq) Wohh!! He's my boo!
by Julz November 05, 2004
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word for friend, otherwise used for "close" friends, ones who are considered best friends


boogyyman122: hey,your sleeping over,right?
boogymaan1233: yeah cheeksta of course!
by Julz October 26, 2003
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