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An expression used when a man is highly attracted to a woman. It is sometimes abbreviated to bitf, and derives from two original stems.

"In the face" was a phrase used to describe doing something in an extreme way.

"bum" was used as a way of expressing a preference for anal sex.

Exactly what is involved to bum someone in the face remains hazy, but must surely be a good thing.
I wouldn't mind bumming her in the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
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Town in central Lancashire, in the United Kingdom. The town proclaims itself to be "Lancashire's Biggest Little Market Town." The town was made famous by repeated references to it by comedian Peter Kay in his stand up shows and his TV programmes "That Peter Kay Thing," "Phoenix Nights" and "Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere."

The radio station mentioned in the shows, Chorley FM, is fictional and does not exist. However, there have been temporary licenses in the area broadcasting under the name following the programme's success.

Chorley is also famous for its Chorley Cakes, far superior to the nearby Eccles cakes.
You're listening to Chorley FM - where the listener comes first!
by paulos May 27, 2005
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a wild welsh boy in london associated wiv the clit rub club!
by paulos October 13, 2003
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Expression use to denote doing something to an extreme level.
Person 1: How much do you want to hit him / how much do you want to go out with her / how hard did you do it?

Person 2: In the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
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