an organization run by the notorious jay and silent bob. JAY IS THE MASTER OF THE CLIT
by Aaangie January 11, 2004
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Something that straight males can not find 9/10 times.
Bro he must not be able to find the clit by the way his girlfriend left him.
by juicycoochie101 December 3, 2020
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The most sensitive part of a woman and the place she wants you to spend a lot of time on, rubbing and licking and kissing for her to have an orgasm.

The place many men who are not experienced ignore, thereby making women have to fake orgasm just to get it all over with as soon as possible.

Men who do not want to go down on a woman or are inexperienced and useless at sex will usually say 'All me ex girlfriends used to have orgasms easily. What's wrong with you?'
What is the difference between the Pub and a clit?

A man will always find his way to the Pub.
by salina111 November 14, 2010
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The part of the female body that all guys should know about. When stimulated, especially by licking, a woman will have multiple oragasms. A man can cause a woman so much pleasure by licking her clit.
As he was searching her vagina for her clit with his tongue, she let out a moan.
by ello mayt! March 21, 2009
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Bastardization of clitoris.

Located at the point where the labia (lips of the vagina) coverge at the top of the vagina. It usually is hidden beneath what looks to be a large fleshy nub called a hood. When stimulated or by pushing the pelvic tissue upward, it can be seen.

Extremely sensitive organ that produces immense amounts of sexual pleasure for most women. When properly stimulated, can induce multiple orgasms.

Marks women as the only animal on this planet with an organ designated solely for sexual pleasure.

Usually a must for most women during sexual intercourse. Most face to face positions allow for it to be "crushed" by flesh and pushed upward by thrusts via the male hips. Not suprisingly, most women find it difficult to orgasm in positions that do not allow for the stimulation of the clitoris without some hand to hand help.

A reasonable substitute for foreplay.

Formed from the same tissue as the head of the male penis.

God's bribe for childbirth.
There is almost nothing sweeter for a woman in this world than some good lovin' on her clit.

Screw the g-spot, go for her clit.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
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The most wonderful thing in the entire world. Short for clitoris. Wonderful to use during masturbation, even better when a guy does it. Can produce several orgasms in one session.
"I had 4 orgasms last night from playing with my clit."
by Jemm August 8, 2005
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