Very high quality marijuana, 93 is the premium "gas" you buy at the pump.
Stoner 1: Yo my dude got some gas right now, straight 93!

Stoner 2: Bet, hit his line.
by UnratedHumor May 16, 2020
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Bad hood situated in the suburb of Paris, France. Actually, it's the number of the state.
This thug came out of 93.
by Altoz January 1, 2005
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an area situated in the north of Paris, aptly named banlieue nord, or north-projects... An agglomeration of cheap project-style housing notorious for it's african population and crime rate. famous rap group NTM camr from there and this departement of France has since been represented by many rappers in the european rap scene. The 93 area comprises many "cities" like Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny, Courtilleres, Aubervilliers, Aulnay sous bois, montreuil, and bagnolet. there are 40 cities in the 93 with many different projects and over 1.5 million people live there.
also Neuf-trois and quatre vingt treize
hey, this motherfucker is from the 93 let's not mess with him
by Magnus M. May 30, 2008
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Another way to say "No Problem". Comes from the 93rd Element "Neptunium" whose abbreviation is "Np".
-I'll consider that, thanks.
-What the hell is that
+... Oh, you chemist boy.
by TheyCallMeUlusoy October 16, 2018
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The sexual act of licking one's back while they act like a trapped spider, while somebody else dances around them in a circle. Can be performed with more than 3 people.
He fapped while we were 93ing, so we hit him in the head with a shovel.
by the gee. November 5, 2011
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To prepay for something (generally a food item, e.g., at a restaurant) and then split before the item you paid for is available, leaving the business with the money, but confused about why the items are not picked up.

This verb, "to 93," originated Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2008, at Schyde's, when whoever had receipt #93 failed to pick up ordered chicken wings. The cooks were calling #93 for 15 minutes, each time becoming increasingly verbal about the wings being ready.
A: Dude, my girl's calling. I'm gonna have to 93 those wings I ordered and go, uh, visit her.
B: Give me your receipt so I can eat them.
A: Naw, the server's pretty hot tonight; she'll end up with them.
by wingsontuesdays January 30, 2008
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East Side Bloods as in gang bangers that wear red and stuff and bang crips
wus poppin burh dat 5 all day eastside 93rd blat
by 5465dfg June 11, 2007
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