Male: those of the human species who produce the Y chromosone in reproduction.

Commonly known as : Sexist, Egotistical, Self-centred, Machoistic, Hypocritical (abbreviated list)

Statistics: At one of many points during their life, each male progress through several phases, most of which they never grow out of.

1. Showing off; due to the compulsive need to bolster their ego's, males show of and compete with the intention of proving themselves better than every one else.

2. Arrogance; mistakenly believing that they are the superior sex, when it is woman who bring them into the world and nuture them. Looking down their nose with contempt at those who may not have the beliefs, values, or materialistic perks that they have.

3. Sexism; forgetting that they originally started off as females.
Evidence: males have nipples when they have no need for them, however, a fetus that MAY develop into a female WOULD need them. IT has alos been scientificcally proven.

4. Nymphomaniac; regardless of what they actually think perosnally, they project an image to the world that all they are after is sex, thus creating the sterotypicla view of males, which ahs been proven true considering that they think about sex on an average of 400 times a day.

5. The Baby; whinging, whining, and all around bitching that they can't do something, an attemtping to make other people do it for them. Also, exagerrating injuries out of proportion for attention.

At some point in their life, all males are COMPLETE and UTTER jerks. Granted, women are often bitches at some point, but men do it far more often, are FAR more aggressive, and every war ever started and kept going ahs been cause buy a man.

Males are agressive, competitive, single-track tunnel view thinkers, who do not think into the reasons (such as emotional, or circumstances) for peoples behaviour.

Granted, there are exceptions, but they stand at around 2-5% of the male population- and those are the exceptions that show the world what they are, instead of hiding behind the maks of a big tough guy.
1. Teenage males.
2. Mid twenty aged males.
3. Middle aged males.
4. 20-40 age group.
5. All ages.
by Exasperated Female January 19, 2005
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1. Generally good people. But there are some examples of true assholes who do think that women are inferior to them and are just a means for sex. Not all are, but a select few need to get a serious wake up call.

For those who don't, thank you for being a good person. For those who do, if you need sex that bad, here's a magazine, some lotion, and I hope you are smart enough to find your hand.
3. female
An inferior species that, over the course of time, has not learned that it's purpose is sex. They have insisted that they be equal to men, when in fact, they could never be. Fat women should die.
Rape is fun. Really fun.

See asshole
by Seriously pissed blonde June 23, 2005
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I personally use this as an insult to any men who are close to me, it's a friendly insult; if you get what I mean. Dosn't mean anything as men (of course) are proud to be male as women are proud to be female, both too proud perhaps.

Men rock! I love 'em (specially men who like other men, they tend to be nicer) although some men are absolute horrid people who toy with women, cheat, use them but its the same for women too; stupid sluts. giving the rest of us females a bad name =(
Me: you're so male
Him: well... you're so female!
Me: *gasp* take that back!
Him: never!
Me: stop being so male and take it back, damn it!

(actual conversation)
by Sally-bob October 17, 2005
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1. Contrary to popular belief, men are not "TEH SHITZ" or whatever they tend to believe that they are. While women go through their phases, men tend to rarely grow out of them and sometimes act the same way in their middle ages as they did in their teen years.

Generally, men tend to be egoists. There is such a thing as a nice guy, however, though you'll be hard pressed to find one. Some men are wonderful, caring people, but there are also assholes, who are worthy of being burned on the stake.

Many people believe it to be correct for men to be physically and emotionally attracted to women; they can also be attracted to other men as well. These men are called homosexuals. They can be bitchy or nice as well.

Men and women differ in their sexual organs, whereas men have dicks and other fun stuff, women get boobs and vaginas. Oooh, what fun.

The male is also the Y in the equation, just so ya know.

2. Slightly derogatory way to call a guy a man.
1. "That's the male bathroom, and that's the female bathroom."

2. "What a male!"
by Simply Doomed April 03, 2009
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A human being equal to woman, often criticized for being a bigot, sexist, pig, lazy and MANy (Bad pun) other things. Despite the select section of us who are very bad people, other men are, just like woman, PEOPLE. While most people get mad whenever someone says "Woman are gold diggers who have no use!", it is widely accepted to do the same with men.
Person A: Hey male, are you a human?
Peson B: Why yes I am female.
by xXx-D4gum1-T0fub0y86-xXx December 07, 2014
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A blessed species that doesn't have to deal with stupid periods every month
girl:Ugh My cramps hurt so much
male:I'm so lucky to be a male
by ThePurpletopianArmy May 27, 2016
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