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dangerous. It allows bad spirits to communicate with you and invited them into your home in order to do it. So if you want your home haunted with evil spirits or demons. go ahead! If you want to ever sell your house and/or be able to sleep at night. dont.
Phool: Yeah man I'v got this Ouija board! lets have a game!
Phil: No thanks, thats for idiots.
Phool: Spoil sport
Phil: Bye
Evil Spirit: I'm going to kill you in 5...4...3...2...1...
by Sally-Bob March 31, 2005

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I personally use this as an insult to any men who are close to me, it's a friendly insult; if you get what I mean. Dosn't mean anything as men (of course) are proud to be male as women are proud to be female, both too proud perhaps.

Men rock! I love 'em (specially men who like other men, they tend to be nicer) although some men are absolute horrid people who toy with women, cheat, use them but its the same for women too; stupid sluts. giving the rest of us females a bad name =(
Me: you're so male
Him: well... you're so female!
Me: *gasp* take that back!
Him: never!
Me: stop being so male and take it back, damn it!

(actual conversation)
by Sally-bob October 17, 2005

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Paddie. need i say more?
Hey! Paddie! you such a drengee, now gimme a kiss!
by Sally-Bob March 31, 2005

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A pikey is now-a-days usually a person who can't afford to be like everyone else. They do what they can for what little money they get and get on with life while all the Poshys/Poshies ( people with money to spend like water) spend their money like water.
Chavs are genrally called pikeys but theey're not. They're chavs. Bling wearing, tracksuited, cap wearing chavs who enjoy saying "innit" and "bruv" and being whores/rentys.
Chav: ey, look that that pikeh, I bet she has a knife and drugs and shit.
Chav 2: (meh heh) yeah, innit lyk. I hate pikeys, lyk. they're a load of gay pricks.
Chav: innit
Pikey: *thank god I'm not like them whores*
Chav2: ey, she's lookin' at meh.
Chav: don't look at what you can't afford hunneh!
Chav2: she's just jealous 'cause she aint pregnant lyk us at 14 innit!
Chav: yeah, jealous she aint got a bloke like meh Jeff
Chav2: you bitch! Jeff meh man, an this is his babeh!
Chav: you wish, hunneh. 'Cause this is his babeh is his, and he is mine, luv.
Chav2: you Whore!
Pikey: :/ you're both whores and this Jeff guy is'nt much better. your a disgrace to the human race, gee lost already.
by Sally-bob September 06, 2005

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I like it. Iv met alot of great friends on it which iv got msn addys from and phone numbers from and were all really great mates. Most people on habbo hotel are really gay but you do come across a few special people.
15 creds at only £1.50 plus normal txt charge!!! omgomgomfg thats great!!!

it isnt. creds r jus silly. viset some other ppls rooms insted of making ur own!
by Sally-Bob March 31, 2005

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Pinkyhusky, a nickname and username given to a girl named Sarah who is just about the best person ever and everyone who is worth mentioning loves her. She has her very own language so that only the kool people can understand.
"i love Pinkyhusky, she is the best thing thats ever happened to my life. how could anyone live without her?" *cheesy grin and thumbs up*
by Sally-Bob March 30, 2005

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