The deepest form of hating possible.

All time hater.
To hate to an extent that out ways any other form of hating.
The God of haters
by ualreadyknow13 February 22, 2010
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A blessed species that doesn't have to deal with stupid periods every month
girl:Ugh My cramps hurt so much
male:I'm so lucky to be a male
by ThePurpletopianArmy May 27, 2016
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A life support system for a penis. Is replaceable by a dildo. Soon to be abolished.

Meant to fuck, mow the lawn and do all the heavy lifting. Nothing else.

If you are offended by this definition, please see what "males" wrote about the female. And you will understand.
Girl: Hey, little doggie, go mow the lawn, you worthless male!!!
by The Happy Humanist February 10, 2010
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the gender that 50% of the world's population hate.
girl: omg look at that male, he probably raped 40 girls in the past week, ugh, he looks like he doesn't have feelings and only cares about tits and puss
guy: wha-
by zzzzzoeomeomeom November 26, 2017
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The original gender despite what some people will try to make you believe the first female came from a the first males rib
Unlike third wave feminists will try to make you believe most males are not jerks and think rape is okay
by Friendlyneighborhoodmemer June 16, 2018
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