Greek origination; short form of Anacletus. This name is sometimes used to refer to the third pope, Saint Anacletus. It can also function in an Anglicized form of Kleitos.

While charactarised in mass media as a sub-normal person of the southern persuasion, the individuals themselves are less enigmatic. Posing varying social presence due to their formative years relegated pariah, they tend to remain helpful to a fault. They enjoy the good things in life- food, drink, women- and reciprocate as capable. Prone to a death by kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, or alien anal probes- of which all Cleti (plural of Cletus) are afraid. They love all animals, and are prone to possessing more than one at a time. Cleti indulge in tinkering- whether with vehicles, the internet, computers, hoarding, or other miscellany.

Historically, they prefer brunettes with glasses.
Yo!- you see that pimp Cletus? He done dropped that booty swaggerin biotch!
by StarboyK February 3, 2010
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(AKA Cousin Cletus)

2: Also can be synonymous with hillbilly.
Heeeeeey Cletus is it true it ain't right ta have relations with folks who ain't yer kin?
by snabald July 13, 2003
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Yo fool why were you fucking that goat in the ass last night? Who you think you are, Cletus.
by Nick D March 13, 2003
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A person or thing that plays a lot of video games and isn’t sexually active or not we he or she ever be in their life aka lonely cletos forever
Cletus you dropped your pokèmon cards
by Cletibabies January 19, 2018
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Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel. Britney Spears' husband. Inbred cracker white trash with money.
Kevin Federline is a right Cletus. Now he lives in a fine-ass triplewide!
by VegasRudeBoy September 13, 2005
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