When a male gets on top of a male (hints: male on male) in a sexual or playful way.
Sam and Cole, intoxicated, were doing male-on-male after the party.
by HeismyCowart January 7, 2016
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The act of bumming. First used in apartment J3, the word was coined by by El Jefe Suave. Usually, especially if used by Tony, the word is accompanied by a particularly soft gesture; the touching of the tips of the index fingers, and pulling a queer face (again, mainly Tony).
"Tony, you're not going to spend another night going hard in the male to male exchange stakes? Again?"
"We caught Dylan and Robert red-handed in their room, engaging in some extreme male to male exchange!"
"I heard that Old Man Joan River isn't sleeping in his room all day as previously suspected. He's sneaking Tommy in for some M2MX!"
by J3Insider November 3, 2011
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