he has a limp dick hence he is unable to fuck his wife
by johnson August 3, 2003
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Anything that is considered lame or weak. Something that may have been a dissapointment.
That movie was so limp, it didn't even make sense.
by Riz February 23, 2004
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1. flaccid

2. a way of walking after being boofed
1. Being limp doesn't matter if your the bitch anyway!

2. You'd limp too if you took on all 10 inches at once!!
by Ben Dover November 7, 2003
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limp could be part of the name of the better band in the world. LIMP BIZKIT
by Diegodiego November 24, 2006
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A phrase to yell when things are not going well.
When Losing at Tetris Jake yelled "Limp as."
by nachoworm February 19, 2010
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