353 definitions by tim

smacking a girl in the face with a hard dick so hard that a red mark appears in the shape of the head of the penis
kathwack! I just stamped you
by tim February 24, 2005

He Is A Dre
by tim May 26, 2004
1. System specs required to run a program or install a piece of hardware on your computer.
2. Way to make you buy new computers.
System requirements.... 500$ and a trip to Staples/Business Depot...
by tim February 8, 2004
Similar to clog; can be used to describe disgusting things like Disney's the Santa Clause
by tim November 26, 2004
Kirk Babineau is a synonym for homosexual with big penis who dumps his cool hot girlfriend.
Your penis is no match for Kirk!
by tim June 28, 2003