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Vida Guerra is most famous for her pix in FHM and her appearance in Cassidy's music video.
She got breast implants in 2000 so the top would match the bottom. She still isn't very pretty though, that face is scary.
by tim April 22, 2005
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guy who can't sing whom got a record contract. he usually screws up the lyrics, and isn't original in any of his songs, for he never wrote one of his own songs.
She Bangs: Ricky Martin
I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly or me first and the gimmes
YMCA: the village people
Can you feel the love tonight: Elton john
by tim August 18, 2004
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A word to use when there simply is no other word. Often used to interrupt other people when you don't feel like responding. Can be used as a verb if you want to try to avoid being specific. (Verb forms: I cholds, I have choldsed, having choldsed, etc.). A semi-precious word to be used most effectively against those who have not understood the meaning yet, thus often annoying. Those who don't understand cholds often react by saying what? Those who do understand usually say: "yeah" and nod.
What were you doing last night when I called you?

choldsing and/or

two05 (12:30 PM): hi
ratpack57 (12:31 PM): cholds
two05 (12:31 PM): yeah

"Cholds songs?"

"I got in a long fight last night and then I had to go up to my room and do you know what my mom said?"
"What? no!"
by tim October 18, 2004
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Are you up for it?; Do you want to do this?
Hey, we are going down to the mall, you dice?
by tim December 21, 2003
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1. noun; Semen, cum, sperm.
2. verb; To ejaculate a abnormaly large amount of semen.
3. noun;An ejaculation of abnormaly large amounts of smen

Derived from the porn star Peter North
1. God, I got north all over me.
2, 3. I hadn't jacked off in 3 weeks so when I came I fuckin northed. ("had a north" for number 3.)
by tim December 21, 2003
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