to have taken it in the butt; had anal sex.
by Andrea M. October 11, 2004
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tia you're boofed
by vapegod0852 March 27, 2019
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To "butt plug" something into the anus instead of injecting it intravaneously. (Usually junkies do this when their needle breaks.) Boofing or plugging is not as strong as shooting it up, but is stronger than snorting it.
"I just boofed some bomb ass dope, man. I am FUCKED UP!"
by _sexybaby_ February 18, 2016
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extremely drunk, derived from the boof box of beer from milwaukee, which was a ton of beer at an insanely low price. usually coincides with stumbling and vomitting.
I drank a pint of vodka, I'm fucking boofed.
by Mike Daly July 12, 2005
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Unexpectedly blindsided/dumped by a (wouldbe)girlfriend. From the word 'bufu', short for butt fuck. If you are a hetero, the last thing you expect would happen or would want to happen.
I been boofed.
Kary boofed me.
by Been Boofed Myself March 23, 2004
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Refers to flatulence.
Have you boofed yet?
by Judge Brett Kavanaugh October 1, 2018
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