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Adverb. 1. clearly, unambiguously, without embellishment.
2. merely, only.
1. Speaking simply is the best way to be understood.
2. To defend myself against the burglar, I simply shot him.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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The best Super Mario 64 speedrunner.
Twitch streamer.
Makes God tier music.
Normally streaming shirtless.
Not related to the word simp.
by Whythefuckyoureadingmyname March 09, 2021
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1. In a way that eschews completely the presence of complicated, complex or otherwise Byzantine factors. "It was done simply."
2. This definition only occurs when the adverb applies to the passive verb 'is'. It appears to be a simple emphasis, most likely uttered whilst sipping tea and/or being a ponce. "That is simply awful."

1. Token non sequitur definition.
by Zero September 16, 2003
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A word that can be added before any noun. denotes cheapness or bad craftsmanship attempting to be comparable with something good. comes from the bulk soda brand "simply cola".
by Alison November 27, 2004
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