A comidian who pissed off about pretty much everything. His health spa is IHOP, his favorite drug is nyquil, he hates being jewish and he dicovered why we get an aniurism. He has a segment on the Daily Show called Back in Black.
"I would have celebrated christmas this year but i can't because i'm fucking jewish" -Lewis Black
by k1llu2 May 30, 2004
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The best comedian in the history of the world. He yells alot, is Jewish, hate candy corn, and apperently like IHOP, has seen the end of the world which is in Texas.
"I had no thoughts this winter, well just one...FUCK IT'S COLD! or ITS COLD AS FUCK! actually I thought of giving up comedy...and becoming a bear...Uh oh, its cold out, time to sleep, this blows...then comes spring, Fuck, time to wake up.

If we did have this non existent tax payers money, we should build a giant wall...in Canada...cause that is where all the could air comes from.

Every Halloween, I go to a party, and there on the table...is a bowl of candy corn...and like an alheimers patient I go up, and go, hmmm....corn that tastes like candy...excellent...*eats* SON OF A BITCH!
by Mustache Man March 05, 2005
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very funny Jewish comic....seems angry a lot tho!
-Lactose intolerent milk? Kiss my dick!! If your lactose intolerent, you can't drink milk, so what's in the fucking carton??
by ill bavid May 15, 2005
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one of the greatest comedians of all time. Can be seen regularly on the daily show with jon stewart
lewis black on minnesota winters
" This winter wouldn't have been that bad if you were a fucking moose, if you had fur on your nuts it was a fucking festivle"
by matt dold January 07, 2004
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So we have a FAKE reporter doing a REAL report on a REAL movie about a FAKE reporter. I can't take it!
by Skelington December 01, 2003
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An individual who seems to suffer from heart attacks every time he is on stage. Very vocal on his views of the Clinton scandal and how he wanted to eat his head from the inside out. Loves IHOP, his health spa, and can't figure out why someone would say "If it wasn't for my horse I wouldn't have spent that year in college."
by Steve September 25, 2003
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