Verb, meaning to unintentionally and unexpectedly shit your pants. Also known as gambling and losing. See also, shart. May result in going commando at the white house.
I had the flu and I totally al rokered myself three times, dude.
by Jackass36 February 3, 2013
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When you are getting a blow job and you are about to cum on his/her face, and then you interview him/her with your dick, asking "How's the weather down there?"
"Hi I'm Al Roker, reporting from the field. How's the weather down there?"

"Sweaty, with a chance of precipitation, in the form of hot sticky cum. Back to you, Al."
by Newscastrate March 10, 2009
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The black member of the al-Queda that is usually the prankster of the group.
Tortured Man writing in journal: "While the towelheads made threats to my life and family, the al-Roker sat there and made degrading and humorous comments about the size of my dick."
by Mepman February 18, 2012
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n. slang term/ street name for gastric bypass surgery

Based on Al Roker's publicized weight loss surgery and dramatic weight loss.
Unhappy husband: Man my wife is fat and just keeps on eating, I think i should get a new one.

Smart Friend: No dude, she still cool, get her The Al Roker and you guys will be doing the Idaho Dartboard in no time!

Unhappy Husband: Thanks for the tip!

Smart Friend: Remember its never just the tip
by RedDan69 February 26, 2011
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After someone has their stomach stapled, every other part of the body loses weight, except the head. The person's head will not have changed with the rest of the body and still look fat. Much like Al Roker's head looks right now.
Anette had her stomach stapled last month; and now she has Al Roker Syndrome
by loodpreh January 22, 2007
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Stuff that'll get you so high that everyone's face start to look like Al Roker.
Man, I was on some Al Roker weed last night. It totally messed me up, you gotta try it!
by maz-o October 11, 2010
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